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from that which you desire...
Hey there guys, Aishi here XD

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Well, yeah, as the title says, here's a bunch of places where you can find me if you wanna talk to me XD or say anything like "YOU FREAKING IDIOT JUST UPDATE YOUR STORY INSTEAD OF BEING ALL OVER THE PLACE." or something like that.

But yeah, here's a list of where you can find me~

...that's about it XD

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It's been a while since I last posted here...but yeah, since I decided not to post anything while my main story in AFF is still going on, this place is pretty much dead >_> but now, I decided to post rants and rambles as well XD

and here is what I will be posting on first!! MY LIST OF MY PROCRASTINATED STORIES~ (Includes AFF stories XD as well as the chapters I've finished and possible number of chapters of the story)

Procrastinated Stories OTLCollapse )

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Title: In Love with an Empty Shell
Pairing: Yunjae (Yunho | Jaejoong)
Rating: PG (for some swear words)
Genre: AU | Romance | Comedy | Fluff (Soon to Come)
Status: Chaptered
Chapter: oo1/30
# of Words: 1,338
Disclaimer: I do not own anything, besides the plot. If you ever come across another story with the same theme, it is purely coincidence and was not plagiarized.
Summary: Jaejoong is a son of a rich family and was...is really spoiled. On his tenth birthday, he was given a present by his brother. A human in a box. Thinking that the human in the box was nothing but a servant, he started commanding the boy like a servant. As he grows up, he realizes how inhuman his brother has acted by putting someone in a box, however, he notices something about his gift and sees how un-human his gift really is.

A.N.: Ew, I freaking suck at summaries, like seriously, wtf is that? But anyway, so yeah, for those wondering, I will be on hiatus for one month (I'm sorry to my readers, but you have to wait a little bit longer, but I will try my best to update...I PROMISE.) because I will be going back to my country (after 1 year and a half, LOL) so yeah, I will be...unable to update stories. And also, my stories from AFF and here in LJ will be composed of different stories, so you won't be seeing my AFF stories here in LJ and vice versa.

P.S.: Please don't translate into another language or plagiarize, or else, I will sic my dogs on you. LITERALLY. I do apologize for some errors my dear readers might encounter.

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